Choosing the Right Pest Control Company in Athens, AL

Pests aren’t only a nuisance. They can also pose health hazards in your home. If pests have invaded your home, you want to eliminate the threat immediately to avoid losses. Find out how to choose the right pest control company in Athens, AL.

Check if the Company Has a License

Firstly, you can expect a reputable company to have a license for pest control services. An applicant in Alabama must complete exams before acquiring a commercial applicator’s permit. A permit demonstrates the company’s professionalism and accountability.

Keep in mind that there are more than 20 categories for the commercial applicator’s license in Alabama. Therefore, you should check if the permit is current and for the category of services you need.

Review the Company’s Qualifications and Experience

Mosquitos spread diseases like Dengue Fever and the West Nile Virus in Alabama. You’ll need a pest control company that can apply effective treatments for mosquitos. Only an experienced pest control service can implement a pet-safe solution in your Athens home.

That’s why it’s crucial to ask the company if they’re conversant with Integrated Pest Management practices. An IPM process involves studying pests’ habits and their lifecycle. Therefore, ensure that the company has certified entomologists who understand different species and their patterns for the best results.

Ask for Detailed Estimates in Writing

Finally, to ensure you are getting value for your money, ask the pest control service for estimates. Many companies offer free quotes you can use to compare with other services in Athens. Ensure the estimates are in writing and ask if the company offers guarantees.

Also, ask if the company offers a pet-safe solution that won’t harm your furry friends. You can consult our certified entomologists for any pest control issues you may have. Contact Bugs Be Gone today for reliable outdoor pest control in Athens.

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