4 Springtime Pests to Watch Out For in Lay, AL

Is there anything worse than trying to relax around your Lay, AL, home with bugs flying at you from all directions? Springtime brings more bugs than you might expect to see, including some that bite or sting. Check out the more common pests to watch out for this spring before you consider how to get rid of them.


The odds are good that you’ll come across a few ants this year. Ants build scent trails that allow other ants to follow them around your yard and into your home.

They can eat almost any snacks or treats that you leave out. Ants get inside through gaps under your doors and cracks in your foundation among other entrances.


Mosquitoes are among the more common pests found in the spring around Lay, AL. They flock to standing water such as the puddles in your yard and any fountains or water features you have. As the bugs can transmit diseases to both pets and humans, you need to choose the right mosquito control method to keep your family safe.


If you have pets, you need to keep an eye out for ticks. Even if you keep your pets inside, you might bring ticks in on your clothing or shoes.

Ticks are especially dangerous because they carry different diseases that cause symptoms such as fever and nausea. The University of Alabama at Birmingham found that these bugs can carry up to 14 diseases that include Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.


Bees use the flowers growing in your Lay, AL, yard to create honey in their hives. Though bees may look cute, they can sting you if they feel threatened.

Bees are particularly dangerous to those who are allergic to the bugs. You may feel comfortable letting the bees run loose, but many prefer to get rid of them.

At Bugs Be Gone, we want to help you enjoy a pest-free spring and spend as much time as you want outside. Contact us today if you live in the Lay, AL, area to learn more about outdoor bug control and deck and patio protection.

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