Why Are There Spiders in My Home During Winter in Athens, AL?

We’re currently in the cold season. As such, most of the bugs around your house have died or hidden themselves for the winter. If you’ve noticed that the spiders in your home have overstayed their welcome, we have answers for you. In this article, we discuss the reason behind spiders sharing your Athens, AL, home over the winter.

Why Are There Spiders in My Home?

Many people believe that spiders make their way into homes right before winter starts for survival, but this isn’t accurate. They’re actually able to survive in frigid temperatures, partly because they don’t experience temperatures in the way a human does. If outside, spiders will go into a natural frost-hardening period that’s called diapause, essentially allowing them to hibernate.

So, why are those spiders hanging around your home if they can stand the cold easily? The answer is that they’ve always been in your home, hiding in dark areas like your attic and basement. Food likely attracted them, and they’ve become more noticeable as they’ve increased in number.

Should I Get Rid of Them?

In most cases, a few spiders living in your home shouldn’t concern you. When it becomes an infestation that affects your daily life, calling in the pros is a wise decision. Don’t try to get rid of spiders on your own. It’s almost impossible and in some cases unsafe.

Can I Prevent Them in My Home?

Finally, just like you can take outdoor pest control steps and measures, there are a few ways to reduce the likelihood of a spider infestation in your home. Clean cluttered areas and remove any food sources. Seal all your cracks, too, so they can’t squeeze their way inside.

If the spiders in your home have gotten out of hand, we’re here to help. Give Bugs Be Gone a call today to schedule your spider control appointment!

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