Take control of your outdoor spaces and eliminate pests efficiently with our automatic misting systems from Bugs Be Gone. These installations provide comprehensive pest control throughout your yard, across your patio, or around your dock. Our custom solutions can help you manage pests in any area.

How Our Automatic Misting System Works

Our automatic system can go anywhere there’s access to water or electricity. Each mister emits a 45 to 60-second spray as programmed. Our technicians typically program the system to emit these sprays around dusk and dawn each day when pests are most active. The misters usually use a pyrethrin-based insecticide. The active ingredient in this broad-spectrum insecticide comes from the extract of chrysanthemums and is safe for pets.

Our spray system dilutes the insecticide and delivers it in a fine mist that provides broad coverage for your outdoor space. We can install one or more misters around your property to give you the results that you need.

Maintenance for Our Automatic Pest Misting System

These automatic misting systems require just once-annual maintenance to stay in prime condition. Our technicians come out each year to thoroughly clean the filter and nozzles so you’re always getting an efficient spray that will reach all the desired areas in your yard. We refill the insecticide in your system at this time as well.

Since our concentrated insecticide is diluted with water, you won’t need frequent refills. A little can go a long way, which is what makes this system so convenient and efficient. Just schedule your installation and you’ll only need a single yearly visit in the future to keep pests under control year-round.

The Benefits of a Pest Misting System from Bugs Be Gone

     • You’ll enjoy a wealth of benefits from a well-maintained pest misting system from Bugs Be Gone. This installation provides you with:
      • Comprehensive pest control that’s effective against mosquitos, wasps, flies, gnats, spiders and more.
     • A pet-safe solution that won’t harm your furry friends.
      • Automatic daily applications you don’t have to think about.
      • A guaranteed 90% reduction of pest's warranty on service.
      • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee within three months of installation.
      • The experienced services of a recipient of the Gold Dealer MistAway Award.

Contact us today to book your appointment for routine maintenance and refilling services or a new pest misting system installation for your home.

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  • 90% Reduction of Pests Waranty on Service
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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