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You want a comfortable pest-free deck and patio, but that’s not always easy to get in the Huntsville and Birmingham area. If you’re plagued with mosquitos, flies, gnats, spiders, wasps, and other insects, our team at Bugs Be Gone can help!

Deck and Patio Pest Control Solutions

Pest control shouldn’t be a time-consuming task. If you’re battling with the routine of using bug spray, citronella candles, manual perimeter spray applications, and other solutions, it’s time to simplify your life. Our automatic pest control solutions from Bugs Be Gone are an effortless way to manage the pests around your deck and patio.

We can help you eliminate issues with pests as well as the messes they cause, like spider webs and wasp nests. Installing permanent misters around your deck or patio space will help you maintain a clean area free from bugs and their dwellings.

Our Automatic Misting System

Our automatic misting system typically uses a broad-spectrum insecticide that relies on pyrethrin. Derived from the extract of chrysanthemums, these chemicals are powerful against insects but safe for pets.

We install one or more misters around your deck and patio space in accordance with your needs. These misters can go anywhere there’s access to water and electricity. Once installed, we set your misters to emit a 45 to 60-second spray at least once a day. We’ll develop a personalized schedule that’s made to fit your home and family, so you get the pest reduction you need to enjoy your home thoroughly.

How to Handle Mosquito Control for Decks and Patios

At Bugs Be Gone, we’re experts in mosquito control. Founded in 2018, our company has earned the Gold Dealer Mist
Away award for the number of systems we’ve successfully installed. These installations are designed primarily for mosquitos, which are a major issue in the Birmingham and Huntsville areas. These insects are major nuisances and potential vectors for disease. With our pest control system, you can cut down on the pests around your deck and patio by 90%.We provide a 100% guarantee for effective pest reduction within three months of your installation. Once installed, you’ll need only once-yearly maintenance to keep your pest control system running smoothly. Get started with a quote today and begin your path toward a more comfortable, pest-free space.


  • Family Owned
  • Excellent Craftmanship
  • 90% Reduction of Pests Waranty on Service
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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