Most of our automatic misting systems from Bugs Be Gone use a diluted pyrethrin insecticide to treat the pests around your home. This is an efficient choice for a variety of insects that are common to the Birmingham and Huntsville areas of Alabama. Learn more about what pyrethrin is and why we use it.

What is Pyrethrin?

Pyrethrin comes from the extract of chrysanthemum flowers, also known as mums. Pyrethrin is comprised of six chemicals that are toxic to insects like mosquitos, flies, wasps, spiders, ants, and moths. Pyrethrin is so effective that it’s been in use since the 1950s and is found in more than 2,000 registered pesticides.

Chrysanthemums produce pyrethrin as a natural defense mechanism, keeping pests away from their flowers. We use that same compound in a diluted insecticide spray to have the same effect for your yard, deck, dock, and other outside spaces. Our pyrethrin-based solutions come directly from the chrysanthemum plant, unlike pyrethroids which are man-made compounds.

How Pyrethrin Insecticide Works

Pyrethrin excites insects’ nervous systems, leading to paralysis and death. Pyrethrin acts almost instantly when it contacts an insect. Therefore, our automatic misting systems are typically set to spray around dusk and dawn when insects are the most active. Those that are within reach of the spray are killed almost immediately.

Pyrethrin breaks down quickly, so it doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment. Many pyrethrin-based insecticides are even considered appropriate for organic gardening. Others contain an additional synergist to make them more potent. Pyrethrin will affect a wide range of insects, including some that you don’t want to kill off, such as honeybees. For this reason, it’s important to place your misting stations mindfully. Our technicians can help.

Our Pest Misting System

As a recipient of the Gold Dealer MistAway Award, Bugs Be Gone has a proven history of successful installations throughout the Birmingham and Huntsville, Alabama areas. In fact, we’re the only supplier of automatic misting systems for pests in the area.

Our installations can go anywhere that you have access to water and electricity. Each system is equipped with a container of pyrethrin-based insecticide that’s diluted in water as it’s sprayed. These misters emit a spray for around 45 to 60 seconds at the programmed time each day. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for significant pest reduction within three months.

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