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There are many troublesome species of flies in Alabama, none of which are welcome to those who want to enjoy outdoor spaces like docks, patios, decks, and yards. Our pest control systems can help you get rid of these annoying pests.

Why You Need Fly Control in Alabama

Alabama is home to many types of flies. These pests fall under the order “Diptera” and are identifiable by their single set of wings. Flies are typically attracted to decaying matter like carrion, compost, manure, and trash. They lay their eggs in these moist places and can soon form swarms that are as hazardous as they are uncomfortable.

Since flies frequently land on contaminated garbage and manure, they can carry parasites and pathogens to the surfaces that they land on. This presents a health hazard if flies land on outdoor dining and food prep areas. The stable fly is a particular hazard in Alabama, as it feeds on blood, causing painful bites.

The Benefits of a Fly Yard Treatment

A fly yard treatment can help you keep these pests under control in your outdoor spaces. Properly managing the flies around your property can protect pets, children, and others from the painful bites that they might deliver. You can also improve food safety at your cookouts and picnics by keeping flies at bay.

You can help cut down on the flies in your yard by minimizing attractants like exposed garbage. However, this won’t eliminate the problem the way a comprehensive fly yard treatment can. Our automatic misting systems from Bugs Be Gone are a powerful and effective option for getting rid of pests in your yard.

Our Fly Misting System

Bugs Be Gone received the Gold Dealer MistAway Award for successfully installing a large number of automatic pest misting systems around our service area. Our technicians are familiar with the unique pests and problems that customers face in Birmingham, Huntsville, and surrounding areas. We work with each client to deliver a custom solution that’s designed for their needs.

Our misting systems deliver a broad-spectrum insecticide on an automatic, daily schedule. Each application lasts for about 45 to 60 seconds. We can install multiple misters around your space to properly manage the fly population. Contact us now to get started on the path toward a clear, comfortable yard.


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