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Spiders are a common pest in outdoor areas, gathering anywhere that there are smaller insects to feed on. If you’re tired of finding spiders and spider webs around your outdoor areas, we can help you find an effective solution for the exterior of your home.

Improve Your Outdoor Space with Spider Control

There are more than 95 spider species in Alabama, including potentially harmful varieties like the black widow, northern black widow, brown recluse, Chilean recluse, and Mediterranean recluse. Even those species that aren’t considered extremely dangerous can cause painful bites.

While spiders provide helpful pest control for other insects in certain areas, you probably want to keep them away from your yard, patio, porch, and dock. Spider webs are unsightly and bothersome, and spider droppings can leave stains that are particularly problematic on the gelcoat of watercraft. Our team at Bugs Be Gone can help you get spiders under control around your home.

The Benefits of a Spider Yard Treatment

Our spider yard treatment helps eliminate spiders in two ways. The broad-spectrum insecticide is effective at killing spiders that it meets. Not only will our insecticide kill spiders directly, but it will also discourage them from coming onto your property by killing the other insects that spiders like to feed on.

The MistAway system is designed primarily for mosquitos but effectively kills gnats, flies, wasps, and many other insects as well. When these bugs are no longer abundant in your yard, spiders will start looking for other hunting grounds that offer more abundant prey, leaving your outdoor spaces clear of troublesome insects and spiders.

About Our Spider Misting System

Our spider misting system offers long-lasting pest control with a daily application of our pet-safe insecticide. We can set up your sprayers to go off as often as you’d like. The misters typically emit a 45 to 60-second spray once or twice a day around dusk or dawn when insects are most active. Once installed, the system only requires once-yearly maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about repeat visits every few months.

Bugs Be Gone has proudly served the Birmingham and Huntsville areas since 2018. We’re so confident in our spider misting system that we offer a 100% guarantee for pest reduction within three months. Contact us today to make an appointment for your installation.


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