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Gnats are a major nuisance that can be found throughout our Huntsville and Birmingham areas. If your yard is plagued with these tiny flying insects, you’ll want a solution fast. Bugs Be Gone offers a long-term treatment that helps keep gnats and other insects under control.

The Importance of Gnat Control

Gnats are a bothersome pest that will typically arrive by the swarm. They love organic matter and moist spaces, which can make nearly any Alabama yard or dock a prime target. The larvae from gnats can harm your plants, feeding on them underneath the soil and even transmitting diseases. As the gnat larva consume the feeder roots and root hairs, they’ll inhibit the plant’s ability to get water and nutrients.

Adult gnats may bite, causing small, painful welts. Gnat swarms are always a nuisance and can quickly send guests packing when your cookout is overcome by tiny pests landing on the food. If you’re dealing with gnats around your yard, you’ll want a solution fast.

Using a Gnat Yard Treatment

Our gnat yard treatments from Bugs Be Gone offer an efficient, lasting solution for gnats and other pests. We install automatic misters that kill airborne gnats flying around your dock, porch, deck, or lawn. These provide a new application daily for ongoing pest control. These misters are also effective against other pests like mosquitos, wasps, and spiders, so you’ll enjoy the full benefits of an insect-free space.

You can make this system even more effective by taking a few small measures to discourage gnats from laying eggs around your yard. Keep rotting fruit, dead leaves, and other decaying organic matter out of your yard, so you don’t attract a new population.

How Our Gnat Misting System Works

Our gnat misting system from Bugs Be Gone can go anywhere there’s access to water and electricity. The misters emit a 45 to 60-second spray as scheduled. We can set your misters to spray the space once a day or more often, depending on your needs.

We use a pyrethrin-based insecticide that’s safe for pets. The only maintenance your system needs is an annual insecticide refill, nozzle cleaning, and filter cleaning. We guarantee satisfaction within three months. Reduce the gnats in your yard by 90% with this installation. Contact Bugs Be Gone for an appointment now.


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  • 90% Reduction of Pests Waranty on Service
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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