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Bugs Be Gone Special

Your backyard should be a comfortable haven where you can get away from the stressors of your life. Unwind comfortably in a space that’s free from mosquitos and other pests with our powerful automatic misting systems from Bugs Be Gone.

Backyard Pest Control Services

Your backyard can serve as a play space for the kids, a delightful garden retreat, a home pool space, or a beautiful destination for al fresco dining. It shouldn’t be a dreaded haven for mosquitos, flies, spiders, gnats and other bugs.

Unfortunately, the mild climate in Birmingham, Huntsville, and surrounding areas is perfect for many bugs. Take control of your landscape and create the outdoor retreat that you want with our automatic misting system. Using a broad-spectrum insecticide, we can help you reduce bugs by 90% in your yard.

Powerful Mosquito Control for Backyards

Mosquitos are one of the most dreaded insects in your backyard. Their itchy, uncomfortable bites have the potential to carry a wide range of diseases, including West Nile virus, dengue fever, Zika virus, Eastern equine encephalitis, Saint Louis encephalitis, and more. Protect your family from these dangers with an effective outdoor pest control system from Bugs Be Gone.

We assess the needs of your space and provide a solution that’s custom designed for your needs. Whether you need a few misters or an extensive installation, we can make sure that your home is properly protected from mosquitos. Get outside and enjoy all our climate has to offer without the hazards of swarms of bugs. Learn more about our misting systems and how they can serve your needs.

How Our Automatic Misting System Works

Our automatic systems provide an innovative solution for pest control in your yard. We can install these misters anywhere there’s access to water and electricity. The misters spray a diluted broad-spectrum insecticide one or more times per day to control bugs in your yard. Each mister will spray the insecticide for 45 to 60 seconds on each application, and we set the schedule to suit your needs.

We offer a 100% guarantee for a 90% reduction in the pests in your backyard within three months. Our misting systems require minimal maintenance that’s limited to refilling the insecticide and cleaning the nozzles and filters once a year. Contact us to learn more now!


  • Family Owned
  • Excellent Craftmanship
  • 90% Reduction of Pests Waranty on Service
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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