Bugs Be Gone is a family-owned business that’s proudly served the Birmingham and Huntsville, Alabama, areas since 2018. We’re committed to excellent craftsmanship and thoughtful solutions for your pest control problems. Here are some quick answers to common questions you might have.


Do You Have Warranty or Guarantee?

Yes! We have a 90% reduction of pests warranty on service. We guarantee 100% satisfaction for your pest control needs within three months of installation. We’re confident that your family will be happy with the results that you get within this time frame, or we’ll make it right.

How Often Does the System Spray?

We set each automatic misting system individually to best meet the pain points of the individual customer. We typically set our systems to spray at dawn and/or dusk when insects are the most active. Each mister will emit a spray for about 45 to 60 seconds.

What Insects Will You Misting System Kill?

Our automatic pest control misters utilize a broad-spectrum insecticide. While it’s primarily targeted at mosquitos, our pest control misters will also kill flies, gnats, wasps, spiders, and other pests.

What Insecticides Do You Use?

Most of our misters use a pyrethrin-based insecticide. Pyrethrin is made from the extract from chrysanthemum flowers. This is a safe product for most applications. It will not harm pests, and it dissipates before it does significant damage to plants.In areas where the insecticide may collect in water, such as around a lake, dock, pool, or water feature, we recommend the use of a non-toxic insecticide. We offer this convenient alternative as well, so you can incorporate our automatic misting system in any area.

Where Can I Use This System?

You can install an automatic misting system for pest control anywhere there’s access to water and electricity. The system needs water to properly dilute your insecticide and power to keep the misters working automatically and on schedule. We can install one mister or several, as needed to manage the pests on your property. Our technicians provide personalized solutions for each property.

How Long Does It Take to Install the System?

Installation time varies for each project. It typically takes at least four hours to complete an installation, but this time may be increased for installations that require complex mounting or a large number of misters.

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  • Family Owned
  • Excellent Craftmanship
  • 90% Reduction of Pests Waranty on Service
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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