Non-Toxic Insecticide for Use Over Water Areas

At Bugs Be Gone, we offer a variety of pest control solutions to meet the unique needs of your outdoor areas. While most of our systems rely on a pyrethrin-based insecticide, we also have a non-toxic alternative that’s well-suited to special applications, such as misters that are situated over water.

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Our Non-Toxic Insecticide Vs. Pyrethrin

Pyrethrin is our insecticide of choice for standard applications. While this product isn’t harmful to humans or most animals, it’s not entirely non-toxic. In fact, pyrethrin is extremely problematic in areas over water.

Pyrethrin can collect in pool water, creating a potentially harmful environment. Pyrethrin is also inappropriate for a dock area, as it’s hazardous to fish and aquatic invertebrates like lizards and frogs. Use of pyrethrin around large bodies of water is usually prohibited by law, so you must find a safer alternative.

The Importance of Non-Toxic Insecticides

Non-toxic insecticides allow you to use our innovative automatic spraying systems in any area, even if you have water nearby. Since areas with a lot of water are particularly alluring for insects, it’s important to have a pest control solution that you can implement in these spaces. Non-toxic insecticides typically rely on natural ingredients like essential oils and sodium lauryl sulfate, which is considered safe as a food additive.

When you choose a non-toxic insecticide for your automatic pest spraying system, you can use it in areas that are otherwise ineligible for our products, such as:

  • Boat docks
  • Pools
  • Outdoor water features
  • Ponds, lakes, or streams
  • Koi ponds and other habitats

How Our Non-Toxic Insecticides Work

Our non-toxic insecticides work in much the same way as our pyrethrin-based products. We load your insecticide into our automatic misters. Each mister is set to an individual schedule to spray your area as often as needed. Most misters spray at least once a day, emitting the insecticide in a fine mist for 45 to 60 seconds.

We can install these misters anywhere you have access to water and electricity. The water dilutes your chosen insecticide, so you’ll need refills less frequently. The only other maintenance required for these systems is an annual filter cleaning and nozzle cleaning. You can even use pyrethrin in some of your misters if they’re away from water and incorporate a non-toxic insecticide only in compromised locations. Our experienced technicians will help you find a customized solution that’s perfect for your needs.

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